Emergency Closure Information-JERSEY JIM COVID-19 UPDATE

COVID-19 AND 2020 JERSEY JIM RESERVATIONS:  2020 Season Closed!!!

Dear Jersey Jim Supporters,

Due to the difficulty of volunteer operations in light of Covid-19, the Jersey Jim Foundation Board of Directors has decided we cannot open the Jersey Jim Tower during the 2020 season. This was not a decision made lightly and we regret the disappointment and frustration caused by this inconvenience.


Because our organization is non-profit, if you would like to support us by donating your pre-paid reservation fee, we would be deeply appreciative. If you choose to do so, we would be happy to transfer your reservation dates to next season, no charge, ONLY IF THEY ARE THE SAME DATES. If you desire changes, you will need to go through the reservation system next season and your reservation from this season will be fully refunded.  Please contact our reservation site by no later than July 31, 2020 to request either a refund or the same date next year; otherwise your date(s) will be refunded.


We thank you for your understanding with the inconvenience this has caused everyone and appreciate your patience during this time in processing everyone’s refund and reservation requests.


Sincerely Jersey Jim Foundation